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Screenshot 2016-09-01 at 6.45.32 PMI grew up wishing on stars that I would one day work for Disney as an animator. Dazzled by traditional animation and in love with swirling princess gowns, I honed my talent for sketching at a young age. Eventually I gave up the dream of animating, instead graduating from McGill University with a BA in history.


I went on to study costume design at LaSalle College and have been working in the Montreal fashion industry ever since. Eventually I missed drawing classes, so I started blogging in 2011 to focus on fashion illustration. Being a size 24 woman myself, I longed to see more plus size representation on the fashion illustration sites that I frequented, and realized that I would simply have to fill the niche myself.


Curvy Sketches was created to showcase plus size women in fashion through illustration. Many illustrations in this field rely on the traditional premise that the female form is rendered most fashionable by narrowing the body. I strive to represent plus size bodies as fully as possible, because women should never have to be reduced in order to look beautiful.


Even though I never did work for Disney, I found my happily ever after by doing what I love and enjoying every day with my wonderful wife.

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